How many times have you seen purple, blue, orange, red even green! Yes, green, eyebrows! I am not talking about Halloween or party makeup I am taking about permanent tattooed makeup that turned different colors years and sometimes even months after being applied.
Thank goodness these multicolor eyebrows are not in fashion, and hopefully they will never be...although I am not too sure about it.
Is fascinating how every skin reacts, this is one of those things that make the human body more fascinating, we are all different, our skin can have so many different colors, the veins and vessels that are under the dermis can also be so different from each other.
The color under the skin, the undertone can dramatically dictate the final result of a micro bladed brow, an eyeliner and even a lip pigment.  
Every skin with time will change the tone and hue of any pigment, that is why is important to know about MODIFIERS.

Modifiers are pigments made to "tweak" the healed final color and prevent it from turning blue, purple, red... etc.

I took Teryn Darling webinar yesterday and WOW! she blew my mind! Color theory for permanent makeup is fascinating! She has a very easy way to explain the science of pigments. I have been an artist/painter for over twenty years, I figured I knew everything about color and, oh boy I was wrong! Permanent makeup and pigments are so different. 

Teryn has a very easy and informative way to explain everything about pigments and the importance of modifiers.

I strongly suggest that every microblading and PMU artist stop doing any procedures and take this class, it will be a well worth investment your clients will be happy and you will have to do less corrections.

Happy coloring!