The origin of Microblading

The Origins of Microblading 

Microblading is starting to gain popularity in the US, having fuller and ticker eyebrows is the new trend and aesthetically and visually, the process seems to frame the eyes and make them appear bigger. It also seems to give the face an eye lift look without surgery.

Microbalding is not as "new" as we think, after all is tattooing, yes sorry for brake it like that...but is indeed tattooing.
"Any pigment applied into the dermal layers of the skin is considered a tattoo" 

Microbalding is performed with a disposable handheld tool that has a very small group of needles (micro) attached to the tip. This needles come in different linear shapes, some curved, slanted, and in different gauges. Pigment is then dipped on to these needles and a tiny "slice" is made int o the skin (think of it as a paper cut)  the pigment will "sit" on and when the skin heals -about 20 to 28 days, a very thin line that will look like a hair/brow stoke will stay (hopefully you did choose a good artist for this, since this part if crucial for the brow stroke look)

So let's get back to the beginning, face tattooing tools, on ancient times where made of bone, wood, shell, obsidian stone and bamboo. Pigments where made of crushing different elements: Red ochre, Cinnabar, Henna, burned soot -Yep...I love this one!

Tattooing in beauty has been around since the beginning of mankind, as a form of expression, status between societies and even fertility. Tattooing tools and pigments evolved with time but beauty tattooing seems to stay.

Microblading got popular in Asia about twenty years ago, the pattern/shape of Asian brows is very different from Western brows.
Branko Babic the founder of PhiBrows a beauty visionary from Serbia, introduced Microbalding to Europe by modifying the pattern according to the European/Western brow. Since then the process of achieving fuller brows has become the latest beauty trend. 
Microbalding is the way to go if you are looking to have fuller brows that will look realistic and natural. and if you want to get an eye lift look without surgery. 


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